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Smuggling in Kent - The Scarecrow
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Five and twenty ponies
Trotting through the dark -
Brandy for the Parson,
'Baccy for the clerk;
Laces for a lady, letters for a spy;
And watch the wall, my darling, while the Gentlemen go by!

                ..........Rudyard Kipling.

The information provided on this page is only meant to be an overview of smuggling and the gangs involved. I will try to include as many names as possible so that genealogists researching the Kent area will have a chance of perhaps finding some connections. More extensive information can be found in some of the books which are listed in the separate books section.

Any dates quoted against names are in most cases, the dates for which I have found references to the inviduals. It should be noted that, particularly with any names of Government Officials, dates quoted are not necessarily the full length of time that these posts were held. Also, dates will be updated as new information is found.

Finally, because smuggling became so extensive with some Kent gangs travelling as far as Dorset and even Gloucestershire, some names will be associated with other Counties. I will try to leave notes in brackets to ensure that places outside of Kent are properly identified.

NOTE: Originally I had made this entry on Smuggling on one page. Unfortunately, (or perhaps not, depending on your point of view!) the page just became too large and had to be split into different sections. In fact, this page was the first page of this site which now numbers, with visitors contributions, over 500 pages, I've lost count!!

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