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Canterbury Cathedral - Ground Floor.


  1. The Corona.
  2. Tomb of Cardinal Pole.
  3. Tomb of Archbishop Frederick Temple.
  4. Stairs to the roof of the Corona.
  5. The twelve Miracle windows.
  6. Tomb of Cardinal Odet de Coligny.
  7. Henry IV's Chantry. (Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor)
  8. The Trinity Chapel.
  9. Site of the Shrine of St. Thomas from 1220 to 1538.
  10. Tomb of Dean Wotton.
  11. Tomb of Archbishop Hubert Walter.
  12. Tomb of Henry IV and his second wife, Joan of Navarre.
  13. Tomb of Edward, the Black Prince.
  14. The Treasury.
  15. St. Andrew's Chapel.
  16. Tomb of Archbishop Meopham.
  17. St. Anselm's Chapel.
  18. To The Green Court, The King's School and The Norman Staircase.
  19. Tomb of Archbishop Bourchier.
  20. Site of the ancient alter of St. Alphege.
  21. Site of the ancient alter of St. Dunstan.
  22. Tomb of Archbishop Stratford.
  23. The Water Tower.
  24. The North East Transept.
  25. Tomb of Archbishop Chichele.
  26. Archbishop's Throne.
  27. The South East Transept.
  28. Anselm's Towers.
  29. Tomb of Prior Eastry.
  30. North Aisle.
  31. The Choir.
  32. South Aisle.
  33. The Choir Screen or Pulpitum. (The Organ is situated on top of this structure).
  34. The Library and Archives.
  35. The Chapter House.
  36. The Deans Chapel. (Our Lady Martyrdom).
  37. Tomb of Archbishop Stephen Langton.
  38. Tomb of Lady Margaret Holland, The Earl of Somerset and the Duke of Clarence.
  39. St. Michael's Chapel. (The Warriors' Chapel) (Picture)
  40. Stairways down to the Crypt.
  41. The Martyrdom and North West Transept. (The site used to be marked with a small square stone in the floor. It is still there but now there is also some hideous sword effort slung on the wall - I don't like it!)
  42. Tomb of Archbishop Peckham.
  43. Base of the Bell Harry Tower.
  44. South West Transept.
  45. IMPORTANT FOR GENEALOGISTS. Entrance to the Archives.
  46. The Dark Entry. (Keep out on Friday nights! Click here to find out why!).
  47. Memorial to Sir James Hales.
  48. Memorial to Sir John Boys.
  49. Memorial to Orlando Gibbons.
  50. The Great Cloisters.
  51. The Nave.
  52. The Font.
  53. The West door.
  54. The South West porch.

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