This is a listing of Kent Parishes and their corresponding Register Offices. It is hopefully accurate but does not include, at the moment, those Kent Parishes that have now been swallowed up into the London area. I will try and add those former Kent Parishes in due course.

The present costs for a copy certificate vary depending upon the information you require and the references you can provide - please check the link to the General Register Office below. I have also been told that although it is not a requirement, if a stamped address envelope or IRC (International Reply Coupon) is enclosed with the request then the response time might be quicker.
PLEASE NOTE: To check on costs of documents you can refer to the following Government site - General Register Office. Specific information about obtaining certificates can be found on this page. Additional information and other direct links for this Government site will also be added later.

Originally and for ease of reference, I did try to link each Parish, Town or City name directly to its own individual Registration Office.. Unfortuantely, there seem to be so many changes happening to the local Kent offices it is difficult to keep up.

Therefore, the only thing I can do is to provide the generic information with a link to the Kent County Council site:


(All Enquiries; Phone 08458 247 400

[All calls go to the KCC Contact Centre –
and not to individual offices! ]

As the individual offices frequently change addresses and services
please visit this page on the Kent County Council web site
for more information:

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