Kentish Man
Man of Kent

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Before I get into trouble and to be politically correct, we are also dealing with Maids of Kent or Kentish Maidens! Hopefully, you will forgive me if I write in the male gender rather than having to spell out the "and/or" through this article which probably won't be much longer than this introduction anyway.

I frequently see the question posed as to what constitutes a "Man of Kent" or a "Kentish Man". It all centres around the River Medway which is shown above (we are looking North) where the very familiar but somewhat ugly bridge crosses the River from Rochester to Strood. It always used to be extremely common in Kent where, at one time, there used to be a "pub" on every corner, to give directions by using the names of these public houses. These days with fewer pubs, it means that we have to start trying to remembering the names of the actual streets to give directions! Anyway, I've gone back a few years to try and demonstrate the Kent or Kentish problem.

Anyone born West of the River Medway is a Kentish Man - hence the public house in Dunk's Green which is West of Maidstone and also West of the Medway is the Kentish Rifleman. Anyone born East of the River Medway is, by a relatively simple process of elimination, a Man of Kent which is why we have the public house in the centre of Ashford called the Man of Kent. Anyone living either side of the River Medway who was not actually born in Kent is an immigrant!

Hope that answers the question.

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