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The following topics have links to their individual pages. Many of these pages are not completed and I am still adding "stuff" as and when I can. In the meantime, I still hope you will find things of interest and if you do, please call back as there will be more to read as time goes by.

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Includes a notice about Copyright

See Also:
Commercial aspects of this site

(old photographs always wanted)
Frequently Asked Questions
..about genealogy and this site


Books, sources and contacts
Gives a list of useful books and places to contact.

Looking for books about Kent?
Try THIS PAGE with its link to

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Town, Village and Church information.

Need information about places in Kent? Use

See Also:
Gaols, Workhouses and Hospitals
Kent Brasses
Kent Pubs - Past and Present

Kent Register Offices and Parish Details
Kentish Man or Man of Kent?
Looking for churches in Kent

Canterbury Coat of Arms


This now includes the start of a section
on Canterbury Cathedral,
together with a link to information on the
Parish Churches of Canterbury.


Canterbury at War
Pictures of Canterbury during WWII.


Places of interest to visit.
Now split into two sections.

A - M
N - Z



From this new page
you will be able to find information about
Regiments closely associated with Kent and others
that have been stationed here at different times.

There are sections about The Buffs,
The Royal West Kent Regiment and
The Kent Cyclist Battalion with
others to follow.


Want to find out about your ancestors?

The Kent Meeting Place

You can go to this section and leave details of information that you are looking for IN KENT in the hope that someone might also be searching for the same information - or already has the information that can help you.

I'm sorry but only items about Kent can be posted.


Family Village Shots

This is a professional service
I am now offering to take photographs of
the area in Kent where your family might have
originated. Especially for visitors from overseas
who are unable to visit Kent themselves. You can
find full details HERE.


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Information About Different Documents

This section is to help the genealogist
with information about different documents.
Find out more about this help section HERE.

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A central reference to GHOSTS that are
mentioned on this site. New pages will
also be added over time.

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Kent Family Names

Information from individuals about their
family surnamesand research in Kent.
I am looking for short articles and
contributions. You will need a Frames Capable browser to read these pages.



If you click on the train you will find a
new search engine that will help you find
any names or places you might be specifically
looking for in this jumble of pages!



This is the oldest section of this site.
It gives details of smugglers and smuggling
throughout Kent.


Some of the information about
my own Family Tree.

See if any of your names match mine.
Also includes a picture of Peter.



The Ted Wildy Marriage Witness Index
Full details of the Index for Kent.

(Please note: this information is now very old
but make help to provide clues.
Do not rely on e-mail or normal addresses)


Links to other Genealogy and Kent Information



tiny map of Kent

A simple map of Kent.

For anyone who is not familiar with the County of Kent,
this map should, hopefully, give you some idea
of the location and some of the main Towns
that are mentioned on this site.

white horse of Kent

Kent Events
As the name suggests - what happens in Kent:

Kent Family History Tombstone Tour

"The Kent County Show" - 1998

"Day of Syn" - Dymchurch, 1998

"Days of Syn" - Dymchurch, 2002

The Queen visits Canterbury Cathedral
(Maundy Thursday, 2002)

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Memories of Kent.

This section is for those that would
just like to see some pictures of things and
places in Kent - or are just homesick!


News about this site.

This, at present, is just a single page which gives
details of new items or information about things that
will be happening. It also will give information
regarding problems with e-mail which unfortunately
does happen from time to time.

little oast house

The Kent Oast House

For anyone who is familiar with the County of Kent,
then you will recognize the familiar Oast house.
On the other hand, if you don't know about these things,
then this is your chance to find out a little about
one of the most famous products from Kent - hops!

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Table of Contents

Although the items listed above take you to the start of different sections on this site, it has become a bit of a maze! Therefore, I have added this extra page which will give you a complete list of all the pages that you have access to.

If you haven't looked at this page yet,
you probably don't know how large this site is!

Please note that even on this list there are pages such as the Town and Village information that may contain details of more than one place but it is not possible for the program that creates the index to also list these individual names. However, you can always use the Search Engine to find all references for a name or place.

the sun!

Weather for Kent

Find out the current conditions in Kent


E-Mail me from HERE

Village Shots

Should anyone have any additional information they would like to share they are welcome to e-mail me. I can't promise to include everything but will try to do so as time permits.


The forms on this site which use CGI/Perl scripting
are all based on the original templates obtained from
Matt's Scripts.

If you would like to get a free copy of the plugin,
Crescendo, so that you can listen to the music on some
of the pages, you can find it here.

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