If you are visiting from outside of the United Kingdom and are having difficulties finding books about England, Kent, or any particular place such as Canterbury this search engine for the Amazon (UK) site may be just what you need:

Enter such keywords as; Kent, Canterbury, history, Cathedral and you are sure to find something that will be of use to you. More than one word may be entered at the same time as long as you leave a space between each keyword. As soon as I can I will start leaving details of "featured books" that I think might be particularly interesting to people who visit this site. Because this page is in association with the UK branch of the Amazon Internet book store, it has books about England that might be difficult to find elsewhere on the Web.

Please note that some books that are already mentioned on this site indicate that they may take two or three weeks to obtain. This is because some of them are issued by local Kent publishers and will probably have to be ordered by Amazon to fill your request. In addition, if you need maps of Kent, try entering the search words, "map" and "Kent".

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Canterbury Cathedral:
Canterbury, Cathedral, Sparkes, Urry

St. Thomas Becket
Becket, Barlow, Butler, Urry

Kent History:
Jessup, Ogley, Kent, History,
Major, Bignell

Canterbury History:
Canterbury, History, Lyle

Kent, ordnance, survey, landranger

Smugglers, Smuggling:
Kent, Waugh

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